Lithium hydroxide monohydrate (Lioh)

Lithium hydroxide monohydrate (Lioh)
  • China
  • One week
  • 5000MT per annum
  • ≥56.5%
  • 1310-66-3

Anhydrous lithium hydroxide is an inorganic compound with the formula LiOH. It is a white hygroscopic crystalline material. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol, and is available commercially in anhydrous form and as the monohydrate (LiOH.H2O), both of which are strong bases. It is the weakest base among the alkali metal hydroxides.

Lithium Hydroxide

lioh monohydrate

 Product Name

Lithium Hydroxide

 Other Name
Lithium hydroxide hydrate,lioh h2o
 CAS No.1310-66-3
 Molecular FormulaLi.HO.H2O
 Molecular Weight41.96 g·mol−1
  Purity ≥56.5%
  Na+K ≤0.02%
 Ca ≤ 0.025%
 Fe ≤ 0.0015%
 Cl- ≤ 0.015%
 CO32- ≤ 0.70%

≤ 0.020%

 HCI insoluble

 ≤ 0.005%

Water insoluble≤ 0.010%
Storage Keep container closed. 
Store away from acids and water

lithium hydroxide msds

Lithium hydroxide monohydrate is highly water-resistant and is used in the manufacture of lubricating greases for the automotive and aviation industries.

Lithium hydroxide is mainly consumed in the production of lithium greases. A popular lithium grease thickener is Lithium 12-hydroxystearate, which produces a general-purpose lubricating grease due to its high resistance to water and usefulness at a range of temperatures.

Used in the production of lithium salt and lithium grease, alkaline battery electrolyte, lithium bromide refrigerator absorption liquid, lithium soap (lithium soap), lithium salt, developer, etc. Also used in petroleum, chemical, light industry.

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